Tuesday, March 3, 2015

March update

1. Baby girl quilt.  This is my March ALYOF goal.  I actually got pretty far on in during February, which is good because I won't have a ton of time in March.  I still have to quilt two of the colors and the background and bind.

2. Braid in braid. Once the quilting got going, it was fast. I still have to bury threads and bind.

3. Aunt's throw. The rays are finished.  Next up is to put it back on the frame to do a bit more quilting.  I'm still hoping to finish by Easter, but we'll see what happens.

4. scrap quilt.  Still working on blue, but making progress.

And a whole bunch of quilts that I didn't touch this month.  (Dates are when they were started)...
5. Baby quilt, unknown gender.  Not sure what I'm doing with this yet.
6. Baby boy quilt.  No progress. I'd like to finish by July.
7. Baby quilt, gender TBD.  No progress. I'd like to finish by August.
8. Baby quilt - urban cabins. No progress
9. Space robot quilt.  No progress
10.  Pluses quilt.  April 2011.
11. Make the wall hanging for office.  June 2012.
12. Orphan rocket block  July 2013.
13. Pillow for family room.  August 2013.
14. Simply solids bee quilt.  August 2013.
15. Quilt nautical quilt  Nov 2013. 
16. Quilt Christmas quilt  Nov 2013.
17. QST.  Sept 2014
18. Orangy quilt.  Oct 2013
19. Jeweled floors.  Not started
20. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  Not started
21. Winter quilt. Not started

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