Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tulip Time quilt show

It's tulip time again here in Holland.  That means it's time for a quilt show!

We tried to go in the morning, but I instead ended up with a nasty smelling car as my oldest was sick.  We tried again in the afternoon with much more success.

Kaleidoscope by Arla Beukema, from Stack & Whack Book.  (I really like the idea of stack and whacks and would like to make one sometime.  I really like this setting as it gives the eye a place to rest.)

Deloa's Delight, quilted by Deloa Jones.  My oldest said he had a pretty quilt to show me and brought me over to this one.  I liked it too.  Our tastes seemed to match pretty well.

 Dusk (top) and Dawn (bottom): Made by Kristen Kennedy, Quilted by Darla Parks, designed by Christina Lane.  These two drew me from the beginning.  I ended up choosing Dawn as one of my favorites because I liked the quilting a bit better, but it was a hard decision.

 Oh look!  It's mine!  Top made by and quilted by Amanda Hilldore, design by Charlotte Newland.  My son found it right away, before I even spotted it. :)  It's fun to have it in a show, but my wall at home is looking rather bare.

Ocean Blue, made by Ella Porretta, quilted by Ella Porretta and Donna Cooper, designed by Karen Eckmeier.  I'm always drawn to these Ocean/Lakes quilts.  I think I should add it to my bucket list.  Oh, I just read the rest of the sign.  It was made by an eight year old.

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