Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New ironing board

I finally made a new ironing board!  The old one was small, had a cut in it when I missed the cutting board that I had placed on it, and wobbly because one of the leg stoppers was missing.  Oh, and now that I look at the picture it also had a bunch of stains.

I more or less used this tutorial.  My dad had some extra wood, so I got just the perfect size for the desk I'm using.  Not only is it nice and big, it was a great project to do with my young sons!  They especially loved using a staple gun.

I did make the back differently than the tutorial though, mainly because I wanted to use materials that I had on hand and to use more staples.  (staple gun!)  I ended up using that no-slide stuff that you put in drawers.  It helps the board not slide and when you staple it down the staples they go down far enough that they won't scrap the desk.  (Although if I make it again, I'd probably do the back first and cover it with the front.


  1. What a clever idea to use the non-skid stuff for the back of the ironing board.

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