Saturday, July 2, 2016

Recap of June

1.  Pluses quilt for Baby boy.  Finishing this up is my July goal.  I need to bury some thread ends and bind.  The baby is due late July, so hopefully it'll be all ready by the time he arrives.  (This is my oldest work in progress - started over four years ago.)

2. Wedding quilt.  The middle blocks are almost done, along with some of the outside blocks.  This is my main piecing project at the moment, but once the blocks are done I'm going to move to something else for a bit.

3. bee hive scrap something. Everything is all trimmed up!  I know that my layout needs to be step is to figure out a layout.

4. Baby quilt (boy).  I'm going to use the Stash Bee blocks I get from this month to make this.  The baby was just born, but hopefully I can get this out quickly once the blocks are in.

5. QDAD challenge piece.  I have a layout and the fabric.  This is the next main piecing project.

6. The bee hive quilt. I just put this on the quilter.  I am putting loops on it...a nice fast motif, and the loops remind me of wind.  It's appropriate since the block is called spin wheel.

Other items still waiting around.  
7. scrap quilt #2.
8. Aunt's quilt. 
9. Scrap quilt. 
10. Sunset wall hanging.  
11. Simply solids bee quilt.     
12. Rainbow log cabin.  
13. Orphan rocket block.  
14. Quilt nautical quilt.   
15. Jeweled floors.  
16. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  
17. Winter quilt.  
18. fabric from Christmas.  
19. Kids' quilt.   
20. A pillow with green/purple fabric. 

I'm down one item from last month...but I have hopes of getting at least two things completed this month!  We'll see how it goes.


  1. Love the black/white/gray/red block. Will every block have one red triangle? Claire aka

  2. You've got some beautiful projects in the works. Good luck with your stitching plans for July.

  3. Lots going on at your house! I LOVE your goal quilt, and look forward to seeing the challenge quilt pieced, looks pretty cool!

  4. You've got some very pretty projects going! That's quite a project list! (Mine looks just like it. ^_~) Good luck in July!

  5. Hi I just came here through Stash Bee. Love your quilts. I'm sort of using your process for stash bee for something I'm working on and I'll link to you which is why I'm here ...and I'm going to follow you as well.


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