Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recap of July

1. QDAD challenge piece.  This is my goal for August.  I just have to put some rows together and quilt.  Below is half of the piece.

2. Wedding quilt. All the blocks are done.  Next to put them together.  This will be my piecing project once I finish piecing the challenge piece above.  The wedding is in September.  I don't have to finish by then, but it would be nice to do so.

3. The bee hive quilt.  This is finished, but I need to take pictures.  It's going to be a bit before I see the recipient, so it's been languishing in the the laundry basket for quite a while.

4. Sunset wall hanging.   This has been my vacation work as I'm doing the quilting by hand.  I surprisingly finished it up on the last trip; I thought I still had a ways to go.  I'm going to put the binding on by hand too, a new thing for me.

5. Quilt nautical quilt.   I've had this one for a while, but my mother-in-law doesn't love it and was in no rush to get it back.  I'm putting ropes in sashing and want to put sailboats on the outer border, but am not sure what I'll be putting in the blocks themselves yet.  I might end up taking this off for a bit to put on some of the quilts mentioned above.

Other items still waiting around.  
6. Baby quilt (boy). 
7. bee hive scrap something.
8. scrap quilt #2.
9. Aunt's quilt. 
10. Scrap quilt. 
11. Simply solids bee quilt.     
12. Rainbow log cabin.  
13. Orphan rocket block.  

14. Jeweled floors.  
15. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  
16. Winter quilt.  
17. fabric from Christmas.  
18. Kids' quilt.   
19. A pillow with green/purple fabric.

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  1. You really have some wonderful funky going on! Always I admire your style! Especially love your challenge piece and I look forward to seeing the whole layout of your wedding quilt!


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