Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quilting HI quilt - ready to go

I have the HI quilt loaded on the quilter.  My son helped me pick out the thread (the quilt is for him)

I also asked him a while ago what he wanted on it.  "Wires, swirls, loops, and circles," he responded.  I had him draw some, and then added in a few of the things he couldn't draw so well.

Um, yeah.  He doesn't seem to realize that you can't pick up a quilting design like you can a marker.  His wires are more or less a cross-hatch...which would be ok, but not with other things too.  He didn't like the points in my swirls.  He doesn't want lines going over the swirls. I'm ready to start quilting, but only have a poor idea of how to do it.  Right now I'm thinking free-hand lines up and down in the HIs, swirls with circles in the inner border, and loops in the outer border.  I might change my mind by the time I start though. :)

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