Monday, November 21, 2016

Stash Bee quilt - finished!

I was part of a quilting bee this year.  This bee is exactly what I was looking for in a bee.  The rules and guidelines are there, but there are few limitations on what you can choose for your block.  I received all my blocks within two months and the last person was in communication and so I knew that she just needed more time.  (It seems like a small thing, but previous bees haven't gone that well.  Not bad, but this one has been the best.)  It might have been fun if hive had been a bit more social, but it's not as though I did anything to promote that and everyone, including myself, is busy.  I'm hoping to do it again next year and will find out in December if I got in.

This year I choose a random HST in grey scale with pops of color.

I asked for the other members to use at least three different shades in the white to black spectrum, all solids.  Because I do love my solids.  One of the triangles was to be a different color.  I did let them know that it was going to be for a boy, so that's why there are more blues than some of the other colors.

People also sent enough extras for me to make an additional long row.  There was a reason at the time I added the extra row...maybe to balance out the shades a bit?  I don't remember, but since I can't tell I'm going to assume that it worked well.

The squares all lined up very well.  It helped to have nesting seams, but apparently my bee-mates were also great at the quarter inch seam.

I backed it with grey minky and bound it in sateen, per normal.  For quilting I did wavy lines, except for the colored triangles.  In those I did some pebbles.  It was nice and fast, something I was looking for after the previous quilt, while still having in interesting element.

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  1. Very pretty. Love the pop of color. I can see you had fun with this quilting bee.

  2. It looks great. I had a positive experience in the bee as well.

  3. Amanda, it turned out GORGEOUS! I absolutely love it! I really enjoyed making this block for you and I think I might make a similar quilt myself at some point.



  4. I just love how this turned out! It's one of my favorites this year from Stash Bee.

  5. Very pretty quilt! Isn't it wonderful to get blocks that all fit together? I like that the extra color is mostly blue with a few pops of red. The red gives it an energy that keeps the eye moving. What a lucky bee mate you are!

  6. It is so modern and pretty, very unique. I love the randomness. Perfect for a block exchange.


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