Sunday, December 11, 2016

HI quilt

My mother-in-law is making quilts for all of her grand kids, and my son was the next one up.  Since he knew that he had a quilt coming, he had lots of suggestions for the quilting - wires, spirals, circles - and then at the last minute he also added stars in there too.

I finally figured out a way to incorporate all his criteria while still having it flow together ok.  The Hs got straight lines.  Some of the lines have a slant to them, but wires aren't perfectly straight anyway.  I put spirals and pebbles in the inner border.  This removed a lot of the points when going from spiral to spiral because he didn't want that.

The outer border has loops, but not on the dolka dots.  I'm not sure whether I'm happy or not that he had so much to say about the quilting.

He saw it drying on the chair after the snow pictures and seemed unimpressed by the quilting.  The stars are variegated thread, and one leg always managed to be yellow and not show up very well.  The wires weren't wirey enough, but I think he was ok in the end with those.  He did like the borders.  He also really liked the soft back.  I expect that will make the quilt a winner for sure.

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