Wednesday, December 7, 2016

November accomplishments

1. A few simple pillows to go with the wedding quilt.  I'd like to make a few covers for throw pillows and two normal pillow cases.  It just seems needed to tie really complete the gift.  This is my December goal.
2. bee hive scrap something - baby girl quilt.  I finished the top.    I like how I was able to include elements of randomness and order in it.

3. Aunt's quilt. The strips are almost all sewn together; I just have two rows left!  I'm not expecting this to be a Christmas present, but we'll have to see how timing goes.
4. Quilt HI quilt.  I just need to take some good pictures of it.  I missed my chance in the snow this past weekend, but hopefully more snow is coming soon.

Other items still waiting around.
5. scrap quilt #2.  
6. Scrap quilt.   
7. Simply solids bee quilt.     
8. Rainbow log cabin.  
9. Orphan rocket block.  
10. Jeweled floors.
11. New purse   
12. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).    
13. Winter quilt.    
14. fabric from Christmas.    
15. A pillow with green/purple fabric.
16. Sunset wall hanging.  
17. Quilt nautical quilt.  

My goal was to get down to 15 items by January.  If I can finish the pillows and take pictures of the HI quilt and not add anything new, I'll just barely make it!  

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  1. What a great bunch of projects. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.


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