Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I worked on many things this past week...

1) Quilting design for a spiderweb quilt.  This is for one of the people that won the back to school giveaway that I had.  I'm excited about how it turned just to put it on the quilt!

2) Grandma's Quilt.  I wasn't going to start this quite yet, but she recently fell and is now in a rehab facility for about two months.  I'm hoping to finish before she leaves so that it can beautify her room.  This is what my normal "about to begin" sketches look like.

3) Duvet.  I have pieces in all sorts of stages, from only two pieces sewn together to blocks cut.

4) Baby quilt.  Piecing is finished and it's waiting to be quilted.  I'm going to try backing it with minky...I really like piecing backs, but I wanted to try something soft for once.  (And yes, I know that it is inside out for the picture.  Backs can be interesting too, right?)

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  1. Your spider web looks great. I will have to try that. Say are you going to quilt the baby quilt on your long arm? I will be very curious to hear how the minky works out. I have been wanting to try it but heard it really stretches, so I am scared to use it.

  2. Great design for the spiderweb! The wavy connecting lines are perfect.

  3. Love the spiderweb. Waiting to see the finsihed quilt!


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