Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October accomplishments, November goals

It's that time again!  I feel like I got a lot accomplished this month, even though I don't have any big finishes.

These were my top three goals for October:
1. Finish the cloth book (before the baby gets to old for it).  Done!  Although the baby has pretty much ignored them.

2. Move and adjust the quilter.  Done!  Thanks to my parents, it didn't take very long.  It is now in an alcove in the basement so that it is out of the play room (but still easy to watch the play room) and can be sectioned off if there is company.

3. Finish the girl baby blanket. Sort -of done.  The top is done and the pattern review comments were sent back to the author.  Another quilt got on the frame first though, so I didn't completely finish this.

I was also hoping to work on:
4. work on the heart quilt.  I restarted this a few days ago after a hiatus.  The block went together much better.  I made a few more tweaks, and we'll see shortly if that broke it or make it better.

5. make a pattern for the heart block.  Well, I worked on the paper piecing templates.  Does that count?
6. work on the I-spy quilt. 
All of the I-spy parts are sewn together and I'm starting to add the background.  This made a great leader/ender project for a while, but now I need to do more thinking.

7. make the wall hanging with fabric I won. 
No progress
8. pretend to work on scrap quilt.  Actually, I cut out a few pieces.  So I exceeded my goal.
9. work on duvet cover.  Moving along!  Tomorrow I'm going to see my parents and hopefully get a layout plan so I can figure out how many more pieces I need.

10. finish green coasters No progress
11. wall hanging for grandmother Almost all pieced.  She ended up away from her home for the next several weeks, so I moved up the priority on this because I want to make her something to hang in her new room.

12. Aunt's throw.  I've been reading the Value series and thinking these would be great fabrics to do something like that with.  No plans to start soon though.
13. Quilt blog hop giveaway winner quilts.  I got one of them and am getting close to done!

14. Quilt quilt for mother-in-law.  Haven't received these yet.
Addition #1: Pillow or table runner.  I was going to try really hard to not add any projects, but I won some fabric!  I think I made lots of progress on the rest of my goals though, so I'm making net progress.

My top three goals for November:
1. Finish quilting the kaleidoscope quilt for the blog hop winner.
2. Finish Grandma's wall hanging
3. Work on duvet cover - at least start to get all the pieces put together.

And some other things that I hope to work on:
4. work on the heart quilt
5. make a pattern for the heart block
6. work on the I-spy quilt
7. make the wall hanging with fabric I won
8. pretend to work on scrap quilt
9. finish green coasters
10. Aunt's throw
11. Pillow for family room
12. Finish Adding Up Nicely baby quilt

Other things that might happen if I get them:
13. Quilt blog hop giveaway winner quilts
14. Quilt quilt for mother-in-law

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  1. Wow you have accomplished so much this month. Well done they all look great

    Cheers Pauline

  2. Busy girl! love the Baby girl top, such pretty fabric!

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  4. I love your fresh modern take on the hearts. And yes, you are a busy girl!

  5. Love the colors on the baby girl top!

  6. great progress! So glad the frame is up and working again!

    good luck with those hearts and the baby girl quilt is so cute!
    Thank you for linking up! :)


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