Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept accomplishments, October goals

So I finished my top three goals for September!  Hurray!
1. Quilt the Tetris quilt (hopefully finish by Sept 10).  Done and on time!

2. Do "Let's Get Acquainted" Blog post and tutorial (Sept 25) Done!

3. Finish the shower curtain.  Done!

The other things I have in the back of my mind.  I was going to try really hard to only add one thing.  I almost added four, but was able to combine two of them.  Hurray again!
 4. work on the heart quilt.  I worked on this for a little bit and then took a break for most of the month when it wasn't going well.
5. Make a pattern for the heart block. No progress.
6. Work on the I-spy quilt.  All the I-spy pieces are cut and I've started sewing them together.
7. Make the wall hanging with fabric I won  I have a design with dimensions figured out.
8. Continue working on cloth book No progress
9. Pretend to work on scrap quilt  Check!  I did a lot of pretending and no work.
10. Work on my parent's duvet cover  I've started cutting and sewing
11. Quilt quilts for my mother-in-law  One is done (post to come soon) and one I didn't receive yet

12. Quilt quilts for blog hop winners.  I didn't receive either of these yet.
13. Finish the green coasters. They're close
Addition #1: Make a wall hanging for my grandmother The fabric was purchased
Addition #2: Make a girl baby blanket Pieces are cut and sewing has commenced.
Addition #3: Make a blanket with donated fabric My aunt gave me a bunch of fabric that she was going to use for a quilt but decided that she doesn't have the time.  I'd like to make a throw with some of it for her.

My top three goals for October:
1. Finish the cloth book (before the baby gets to old for it).
2. Move and adjust the quilter.
3. Finish the girl baby blanket.

Really, those three things should be pretty easy to finish.  (I like to set easily accomplished goals so I can check them off!)  This month I'm also going to try really hard to not to add anything to the list.  We'll see how it goes...
4. work on the heart quilt
5. make a pattern for the heart block
6. work on the I-spy quilt
7. make the wall hanging with fabric I won
8. pretend to work on scrap quilt
9. work on duvet cover
10. finish green coasters
11. wall hanging for grandmother
12. Aunt's throw

Other things that might happen if I get them
13. Quilt blog hop giveaway winner quilts
14. Quilt quilt for mother-in-law

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  1. Good for you for finishing up your September goals. Wow. Can't say that every month!

  2. Just popped over from Lily's Quilts.

  3. I love that stipple with the stars. So nice! And yay for finishing up goals! :)

  4. I like the border you put on your tetris quilt!

  5. Love your Tetris quilt - the solids and the border are fabulous!

  6. Congrats on your finishes. Everything is looking great. Good luck on your huge to do list :)


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