Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WIP Wednesday

Good morning!  It's a beautiful day over here.

And I've made some progress this week!

I finished my random HST quilt.  It's currently in the wash and then it will get an official final post.  And none too soon!  I heard the baby was on the way (and might be here by now...I'm not the first to find out.)

I also finished my rocket for the countdown.  It didn't go together perfectly, but close enough for me.

And I started the Fractured Quilt...I'm loving it.

I also got two more quilts in the queue this week...I'm excited about both!  One of them is a T-shirt quilt so I'm waiting on the T-shirts and one is a pixelated 1-up mushroom.  I have ordered the fabric for that. :)

Joining up with WIP Wednesday.


  1. Your half square triangle quilt looks really really cute!

  2. Where did you get the space shuttle pattern??

  3. Great hst quilt. I look forward to seeing your fractured quilt come together.

  4. The HST quilt is really cool (and I'm not just saying that because I'm working on something with a similar, but smaller scale, design)!

  5. Yay HST quilt!! It turned out fabulous! :D And that space shuttle block is seriously amazing!

  6. nice baby quilt! It will be so fun for a little one to look at. Your rocket ship is awesome! And your fractured quilt looks really neat, I may need to add that quilt to my To-Do list.

  7. I love love your space shuttle, it came out fantastic! I love the print you used for the flames.


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