Saturday, August 17, 2013

AQS quilt show

Today I went to the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids.  All by myself.  I'll admit, while it's fun to go with other people it was also a lot of fun to go by myself.  I could go at my own pace...sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly.  Most of the quilts were stunning.  This year I especially enjoyed the guild challenge section and the miniatures that were on tour from a museum in Kentucky.

Then I started going through the vendors.  It's actually rather overwhelming, and I almost saw myself going through the whole area and not getting anything.  But then I reminded myself I had some goals, the main one being to find a good sky.  It's for a baby girl so it couldn't be too blue.  It's going to be paper pieced so it couldn't be too patterned.  It's for a baby so I didn't want it too white.  The clouds I found were too directional.  I found one that I really liked, but the texture was wrong.  I finally found something at a booth that always catches my eye as they have great ombre fabrics.  One of the ombres might have found it's way into my basket.  During my searches I also found some blue snowflakes to match the red and grey flakes that I recently picked up.


  1. I agree, there are two very distinct pleasures: one is commenting on quilts as you go with friends and the other is being totally immersed in your own pleasure. I also find I have two very different ways of looking when with or without camera. I like to have a goal when shopping the vendors too--doesn't mean nonrelated fabric won't find its way home with me though.

  2. I actually prefer going to some shows by myself so I can take time where I want . . . I'm especially slow when it comes to the shopping part and go around at least twice. Always get off track with my purchases though.


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