Monday, August 26, 2013

T-shirt quilt

Hooray!  Another finish!  They seem to come in clumps.

The T-shirt quilt is finished.

I put a very simple Irish Chain on the back.  I had been expecting to do something very simple, like stripes, but this looked like fun.  There's also a hint of orange around three of the sides.  I didn't have quite enough grey fabric and then didn't center it absolutely perfectly, hence orange on only three sides.  But the orange isn't on the top, so it doesn't feel off-kilter to me.

I'm going to admit; T-shirt quilts aren't my favorite.  I had fun with the borders and the back, but the T-shirts don't hold any memories for me.  I listened to the recipient recall fond memories when I gave the quilt to him though, and it was nice to hear how much it was (and will be) loved.

This ended up being my favorite block after an "oh no!  What have I done?" moment.  I cut the panel way too small.  After weighing my options, I decided to cut another strip from the shirt and put it on.  Well, on the bottom of the shirt was another little graphic.  So I added it and now it looks like it was supposed to be there!

I stippled the T-shirt panels, but didn't quilt over the screen printing.  I put pebbles in the sashing, figure eights in the blue border, back and forths in the orange border, and double lines in the outer green border.  The green and blue borders contained patterns that I hadn't done before and I think they turned out pretty well on the whole.

I did the border quilting in different colors...I thought it would look cool on the back.

My son took a liking to this quilt.  He semi-escaped onto the deck while I was taking pictures and made a beeline to it.  He then made my husband and I lay on it with him.  So we had some fun family time.

I finally packaged it all up (using a folding tutorial from here).   Everytime I made a fold my son put more balls on the quilt.  I think he was trying to say that if his toy balls were on the quilt then it was his.

edit: I realized I forgot to give some credit for the design.  The original was seen here.

This is my finish for a lovely year of finishes! Also linking up with Fabric Tuesday and Linky Tuesday.


  1. What a neat quilt and the back is perfect! I have a T-shirt quilt I need to get made and I'll admit also that it isn't my favorite type of quilting. Your son loves it!! Thanks for sharing.
    Freemotion by the River Linky Party Tuesday

  2. Quilts are all about memories, old and new. Love the quilting you did in the borders!

  3. Great quilt and I love a pieced back on the t-shirt quilts, it just adds another little special thing. Your son is just so cute. Looks like he really needs his own little t-shirt quilt :)

  4. Great job on the quilting-- I love the variety of colors and patterns.

  5. The T shirt quilt will be so special to the owner of the shirts! I love what you did with it. The borders give it an extra sparkle!

  6. What a great finish! Congratulations!!!

  7. What a lovely quilt! I love the colors and different patterns too! And a beautiful back! Congratulations from me too!!!

  8. Great t-shirt quilt! I just finished up one for my grandson and really need to get busy making two more for his brothers! I love the tale about how your baby took to the quilt!

  9. I love this t-shirt quilt. I'm keeping all my kids t-shirts to make one quilt with them for each. Did you put anything under the t-shirt squares to stabilize them? or did you sew the squares as they were patchwork fabric?

    Thanks for your helpi

  10. I think this is truly the best t-shirt quilt I've ever seen. You chose just the right solids to make the colors of the shirts you had look great. The orange one is perfect, the little pops of cornerstones! Way to solve a problem creatively with that too-short block. :)

  11. What a cute quilt, I love the back too!


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