Friday, September 26, 2014

T-shirt quilt 2

My friend is about to return overseas, so I wanted to make sure that I got this to her before she left!  It is a sister quilt to her husband's.

The back is grey polka dots on a black background.  I used matching threads in the borders and sashing, and I like how the yellow pebbles stand out so much.

The T-shirts are trying to escape the dresser!  (Otherwise known as me trying to find interesting pictures.)

Here are some of my favorite blocks.  This one I traced around the continents.  I did it to make sure that there was enough quilting for the batting, but it made it pop nicely.

I have this same shirt and it is one of my comfortable! 

This one is funny because my friend lived in a cottage called DeGraaf for a year or two.

This one shows my continued effort to drape a quilt casually yet artfully.  I won't show you all the outtakes.

And one more showing the back.  You can see the border quilting best here.  (Hmm...if you zoom in on the picture.  I need to do a better job photographing quilting.)  Figure eights in the green border, back and forths in the blue border, and double straight lines in the yellow.  For the green and blue borders I used a tip from Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures and used a plastic grid and pounce pad to put a grid in the quilt.  This helped me keep everything a bit more evenly lined up while not taking up too much extra time.

edit: I realized I forgot to give some credit for the design (again!).  The original was seen here.
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  1. Very nice. I made something very similar for my niece to take to college and she loves it. It is a great way to preserve the memories!


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