Saturday, February 11, 2017

interlocking HST progress

I finally all the HSTs made and trimmed, so I started laying out.  The first layout didn't go very well.  The second layout I tried to make more controlled, but that looked ugly.  My third try looked ok.

I stepped away for a bit and then tried again.  I'm much happier with this one.  I had a better starting seed and realized how to make the colors flow between pairs better.  Taking that first picture was a huge help.

I need to make just a few more HSTs to integrate in between some of the awkward spots.  There will also be quite a bit of negative space, but I think that'll look nice.

I also laid it out in an out of the way hallway, so for once I'm somewhat optimistic that it won't get trampled on.

What I need to make, for my own purposes:
4x dark blue, med purple
2x dark blue, orange
4x light green, light orange
3x med red, med light blue
2x med dark blue, med green
4x pink, light blue

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