Monday, February 27, 2017

My Quilting Space: blog hop

I always find it interesting to see what other people's quilting set up looks like.  I haven't shared mine in detail before and I really needed to clean it up, so I jumped on the chance to join this blog hop.

This is my piecing and finishing area.

Some things that I think make it interesting:
*It is also my computer desk and I often go back and forth between piecing and playing computer games within an evening.
*The tiny scrap jars, up on the top, started as just decoration.  Now the first two on the left hold my solid salvages.  I pretend it is because the color card swatches aren't big enough, but I'm not sure I'll ever do anything with them.  The third from the left has salvages which I want to make into a rug someday, and the three on the right are my green scraps, yellow/orange/red scraps, and blue/purple scraps.  My children enjoy taking out the scraps and looking at them sometimes.
*My binding roll is all the extra pieces of binding that I've made.  Mostly solids.  I should probably sort all of it out and put it away, but it's also fun to see how big it will become.  It is currently 4.7" in diameter as I made a ton of extra binding for the one that started the roll.
*My large quilts in progress just go on the floor.  Usually there are several and they get walked on by my youngest.  It is not a very neat pile, typically.
*My scrap bucket was cleaned out for the first time in about two years, and I realized I should really do it more often.  Currently I'm taking apart random pieces that are still sewn together, as I've realized nothing will happen to them if I don't take them apart and put the individual fabrics away.

Here's a different shot of the piecing area.  I took a picture of the credenza, but then realized it was rather messy.  It has a few books and magazines, along with my quilt notes and the notions I don't use very often like buttons.

This is my fabric storage area.  It is in the same room as my desk shown above, but is still several steps away.
*The in progress shelf usually isn't that full, but since I cleaned up my desk several things went in there.  "in progress" means that the fabric on that shelf has a specific purpose, even if I haven't started the project yet.
*The rest of the fabric is up for grabs - for bee blocks or other quilts that I "need" to start.
*I just realized my non-quilting cotton fabric seems to be exploding.  I'll need to deal with that soon.
*This system as worked rather well for me, as I can just pull the bin that I need to my desk.  I do need to start using the scrap backings, all minky and flannel, better though.

Lastly, this is my quilting area.
*There is a whole bin with scrap batting.
*I have a trash box.  It looks really ugly, but it is nice for sticking sharp needles into so they don't hurt anyone.
*The thread bowl is where I keep all the bobbins for the current project.
*There's another bin back there for quilts ready to be quilted (or in progress, since I take them off sometimes.)
*This area is on the same floor as my piecing area, but on the other side of the house.  At night I usually play some computer games, come over here to quilt, and then go back to piece.

To the side of the quilter is the batter and thread.  I need a new thread holder soon as this one is almost full.  Through the door I have a few more random supplies like pantographs and stencils.

This is one more view of the quilting area.

Thanks for joining me!  Here are the other people on the blog hop; I hope you'll stop by and say hi.

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  1. Amanda, I love how similar your pictures are to mine with the little arrows - ha! Genuinely, really nice space. I like how you've organized your sewing area...everything is right at your fingertips.

  2. Thanks for sharing your space. You bring up a good point about taking the fabric apart to use as scraps. Helps you see what you truly have. May be the motivation I need to tackle my scrap tubs.

  3. Hi Amanda - You did a lot with your space, and you have a longarm too.
    Thanks for sharing your space. I'm glad I met you through Jen's blog hop.

  4. You are so organized, and your space is amazing.

    Love the drum set in the corner, though! I have a whole area of the basement with all kinds of drum paraphernalia... not mine. It belongs to hubby.


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