Thursday, September 6, 2012


Problems.  Ugg.  Today I'm describing two that I've had in the last 24 hours.

1) The heart block.  I'm halfway through making these and still don't have the paper piecing template correct.  Most of them I've just fudged and deemed the corners close enough.  But with my latest change I managed to make the bottom points off by about 3/8"'s really obvious when looking at it.  (I put it in a red box below.)  I'm ok with trial and error, but I don't know exactly what my problem is and I get so excited for each new revision only to have it let me down. 

2) I didn't cut a long enough piece of batting for my Tetris quilt.  I was looking at it this morning coming off the rollers and realized I was about 5" short.  How in the world did that happen?!?  After contemplating that for a bit I started coming up with ideas on how to fix it...take the whole quilt off (yuck), hand sew batting on (I'm terrible at hand sewing), put my other machine on the back table and work it across (maybe), or just put another piece of batting in and hope for the best (sounds good in theory).  None of these sounded great, so I went with the most feasible...put my other machine on the back and walk it across.
I didn't have enough batting left to roll it over to the table, so I also had to get a box.  In the end, this was a really good option.  The box slid well and I had enough slack in the batting that I could do quite a bit without having the move the machine.  Although I wouldn't recommend cutting your batting too short, I would recommend this method if it does happen to you.  This also had the added bonus of letting me re-pin the top as it was getting wonky on one side.  I'm not sure if it helped yet or not.  The whole process only took a little over an hour, so it was annoying but not really a huge deal.  Hurray?


  1. Oh goodness, I've short changed a batting or two myself. Leaving the quilt top and backing on the frame I use spray basting on the backing then carefully butt another piece of batting right up against the other. Works like a charm!

  2. Oh so frustrating when things don't quite go to plan! I'm glad you worked out a solution for the batting issue!

    I didn't notice the join thing on your heart picture until you pointed it out so I think you could possibly get away with it? ;)


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