Saturday, September 1, 2012

August accomplishments, Sept goals

Here's how August went.  (P.S.  I love lists.  They make me happy.)

My top three goals.
1. Stay up-to-date with the Tetris blocks.  Done!  I'm now in the process of putting the pieces on the quilting frame.

2. Finish the coasters.  So...I had been planning on doing the green coasters, only to discover a fatal design flaw.  Then I started some purple ones, and didn't quite finish them on purpose.  So I'm going to say that my goal was reached, even though it wasn't as expected.

3. Practice with the quilter. Done!

And the other things on my list:
4. work on the heart quilt.   Progress!  I'm now on the Halloween hearts.  I'm working on 11/ half-way done!

5. Make a pattern for the heart block.  I'm still trying to get the kinks worked out of the design. It's taking longer than imagined.  Hopefully by the 21st block I'll get it figured out.
6. work on the I-spy quilt.  No progress.
7. Come up with a design for the fabric I won.  I realized the purple fabric was an exact match for the office walls.  So I'm going to make a wall hanging and have narrowed it down to two design ideas.
8. Quilt my MILs quilt.  Done!  I goofed a little bit on the border so it doesn't go around in a loop but instead has a starting and stopping point.  Oh well.  I like how the seaweed matches the fabric.  (That's why I originally came up with that quilting design.)

9.  Shower curtain.  The fabric that I needed finally came in!  It's washed and ready to go.
Addition #1.  cloth book:  I got some small panels at the quilt show.  I've been using it as a leader/ender project.
Addition #2.  Scrap quilt: Once I get a few more scraps cut I'm planning on using this as a leader/ender project.  It has a very low priority.

For September...

My top three goals:
1. Quilt the Tetris quilt (hopefully finish by Sept 10).
2. Do "Let's Get Acquainted" Blog post and tutorial (Sept 25)
3. Finish the shower curtain.

The other things I have in the back of my mind:
4. work on the heart quilt.
5. Make a pattern for the heart block.
6. Work on the I-spy quilt
7. Make the wall hanging with fabric I won
8. Continue working on cloth book
9. Pretend to work on scrap quilt
10. Work on my parent's duvet cover
11. Quilt quilts for my mother-in-law
12. Quilt quilts for blog hop winners.  (If you're still reading this, you can still enter through Sep 3.)
13. Finish the green coasters.

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  1. Love your tetris quilt - particularly the border of little blocks. Will look forward to your stop on the Let's get acquainted hop.

  2. I like those green coasters; I don't see anything wrong with them. Great job on the other items, and good luck on next month's goals. I am looking forward to your day on the Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop!

  3. I think you have hugely ambitious goals!

  4. Loooooong list! "9. Pretend to work on scrap quilt." I love it. I'm going to add "pretend" to clean house to my Sept list!

  5. Wow what a list and I think your green coasters are great.


  6. Your tetris quilt is fab, and the green coaster great, you have been busy!

  7. I love that tetris quilt and the border is so cute!!! Wow on the quilting practice.. very pretty


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