Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stash Play

I thought I'd join Quilt Matters Stash Play today.  I used a picture that I had taken several years ago on a beach in Florida along with Play Crafts palette builder.  I also decided that I wanted to choose fabrics from what I had on hand - trying to find fabric online seemed overwhelming with all the possibilities.

 I don't really have a lot of fabric, so that added to part of the challenge for me.  But here's what I came up with...

Light brown - slightly darkened French General for Moda #13529.  The color catcher didn't work as well as it could have.  I really like the new color though.
Marbled medium brown  - Primative Gatherings Moda #1040
Dark brown -  There are small leaves on this one - Alliance for Moda, Pattern # 11056
Blue grey - unknown
Light grey - Kona (I don't know the actual color)

I also tried to find a dark blue, but all the dark blues that I had were too bright.

I know this is a different type of post than what I normally put up, but I had a lot of fun looking through my fabrics trying to figure out what might work. 


  1. How fun! I need a stash cleanup before I can do any stash play, though. lol A few months of bee blocks and it's like a fabric explosion in my storage area!

  2. I like using fabric from my stash when possible. Doesn't always work out but I try! I love the fabrics you put together. Really pretty!

  3. What a beautiful photo to pull a palette from, Amanda. Those fabrics you found work great. Thanks for playing along!

  4. Love the photo and the fabrics that you chose:)

  5. A very calm color palette I think. I'm going to investigate the palette builder. I subscribe to design seeds and love to see the palettes they come up.


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