Thursday, November 15, 2012

Behind the Seams: 5 minute clean up

Welcome to Behind the Seams!

This month I did a five minute clean up.  I really need to do more than five minutes, but at the same time it's amazing how much better things can look after only five minutes.


Then I put all the scraps in the "to be sorted" box, folded up the fabric that I will need soon but am not actively using, and threw the baby toys to the other side of the room.

Five minutes later:

You can see the desk!  And the floor!

Care to join me?  Link up below.


  1. Great idea...i clean as i go, much as cooks who wash dishes as they cook. When i finish cutting fabrics i put all the leftovers away. And really in five minutes a day you can kep your area nice and tidy. Uh...i have another reason to tidy up every day. Our new kitten ..Hallie...spends the night in there when its cold outside. Our dog isn't too fond of him and Hallie isn't big enough to stand his ground yet. So i have to make sure there are no pins or threads on the floor, all scissors and rotary cutters are secure...etc. totally worth for my puffy little boy!

  2. It has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning up (which I'm no fan of): That's a lovely blue panel on the wall

  3. no link for me - but I just spent a good hour and a half cleaning my space - it's ridiculous the things you find under other things when you let the "creative process" happen as messily as I had! :) It's so refreshing to have everything back together now!


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