Monday, November 19, 2012

Shiny fabric

Hi!  I'm looking for some help.  I have a quilt idea in mind, but I'd like it to have some shimmery/sparkly/shiny fabric.  I saw that Hoffman fabrics has some Brilliant Blenders that might work.  Has anyone used them?  Do you have any other suggestions?



  1. Last year I saw some cotton fabric from Riley Blake designs: Lost and Found. Not sure any quilt shop might still have those.
    Those prints are my favorite. Its pinks, reds, beige and black colors.

  2. You could look for mercerised cotton - that is often used for under wear and night gowns, look for a good quality, but don't forget to look in "normal fabric part" of the shop wehre they have soem fabric for clothes.
    Also mercerised cotton is far less slippery thany satin or some of the other plastic fabrics ...

    Not sure if you meant that by shiny, but they sure would be shiny ...

  3. I've not used the fabric mentioned. Micheal Millers Fairy Frost has a shimmer. I looked for it online but the pictures don't do the fabric justice.

  4. I love shot cottons for a muted shine. I've used the kaffe fassett ones, and they are okay to work with. Of course, Oakshott is supposed to be amazing.

    I've also seen Lux Metallics fabrics put out by Timeless Treasures. ( They are super bold, and I haven't worked with them personally, but I've heard they sew up nicely.


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