Thursday, November 8, 2012

Grandma's quilt

Grandma's quilt is ready to go on the frame!  I'm going to do a pantograph on it.  (Hmm, I'll need to get the info for it.  I think it's called timeless treasures.)  However, some of the hearts looked like spades to me, especially the ones on the left.  So I penciled in some changes so that the middle of the heart goes deeper and meets in the middle.  It might cross over a little bit, but I think it makes it look a lot more like a heart.
This is a piece of scrap fabric and I accidentally ended up going over a different practice pattern. 
I figure I'm just saving fabric.

Here's the top.  Thanks to everyone that voted a while back on the layout options.  I ended up going with the majority.  I feel like I'm getting better with making all my points line up.  There's still a ways to go and if you look (not very) closely you can find errors, but if you take a step back it looks good.
Based on Helix, I originally saw it first here.


  1. Looking good! :) I like the quilting design you chose too. I am the same way with points.. ;)

  2. It looks really good. I have to try the whole pantograph thing yet. Let me know how it goes for you!


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