Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Quilting finished

I finished quilting Beth's quilt yesterday!

It is a kaleidoscope quilt with a large border.  She has mentioned that it is from the 80s, but maybe the colors are coming back in style because I think the colors are great.

I quilted it with a design that (I think) brings the blocks together.  So there is a sunshine looking thing at the junction of the blocks.

It's easier to see the quilting from the back.  I was scared at the beginning because every mistake can be easily seen on the back.  But after some assurances from Lea and reminding myself that it's just the back and giving myself a little grace, things got better.  I also started singing per Lea's advice.  This quilt heard a lot of "Jesus Loves Me."

I haven't  figured out how to take decent pictures of quilting yet. :(  But it's better if you zoom in, and at the very least you can see that there is some nice texture. 

Here is a close up of one of the sunshine looking things.  

It was fun to figure out a quilting design and see it appear on the quilt.  Thanks for entrusting your quilt to me Beth!


  1. That turned out really great! I should try that singing thing. Does it relax you is that why you are doing it?

  2. Congrats on the finsih! You both did wonderful@ As for good picutures its all about lighting. I like to take mine outside(early morning or late afternoon) or next to a window with the sun shining in. The light coming in at an angle shows off the quilting. Singing won't help you with the camera...sorry...LOL

  3. I just love your machine quilting. It looks so wonderful with your piecing. I take awful pictures. I only use my cell phone. I thought your pictures were pretty good!

  4. Your quilting is beautiful! And quilting really shows well at the back.

  5. Love this quilting it looks great- do you have a long arm?
    I hope you don't mind that I tagged you in a blog tag- feel free to participate or not. check it out at
    Apologies if I've asked you- I wasn't systematic in my tagging and now I've confused myself!


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