Friday, June 28, 2013

Finished - Ribbons!

I'm happy to announce that my baby blanket is done!  I'm hoping to get it to the family before the baby arrives even - it'll be a first for me.  I have about two weeks until the due date, so I might make it.  :)  The front is based off Off-track by Cluck Cluck Sew, but I made a few changes.

The back is pieced.  I do love pieced backs and thought I could do it on this quilt since it is being sent to a hot area and minky or flannel wouldn't be very appropriate.  I got a little bit more fabric, and I tried to use up what I had left from the front.  My back wasn't much bigger than the front, but it ending up fitting fine.  (Phew.)

I did some straight lines in the background orange (using my new rulers!).  I also tried to mimic the fabric pattern in the quilting of the ...buckles?  So in the picture below, there are small pebbles with the small dots, some large circles with the large circles (like the horizontal stripe), and some triangles.  With the triangles I tried to outline the triangles that were present in the fabric.  I didn't do a great job, but it is pretty consistent.  Also, big circles are hard to make circular.

This one shows the squares and rectangles that were done in the crosses (again like the horizontal stripe) and wonky zigzags.  I was picturing pristine zigzags in my mind, but it didn't turn out that way.  Not even close - so I decided they were then wonky on purpose.

Last year I made a boy quilt with orange and put it on the red lilies, so I thought I should do it again.

I kept the vertical color the reminds me of a ribbon with buckles on it.

The binding is just a pre-bought sateen one, but it matched the blue in the fabrics wonderfully.  This is also my best binding by far...I'm not sure what I didn't differently, but it worked!

 The buckles are made from Simple Marks by Malka Durawsky for Moda.  There seem to be two different hues...this is the brighter line.

This was my June goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I'll also be linking up with Needle and Thread, LAAF, Whoop-whoop Friday, Finish it up Friday, and Freemotion Friday.


  1. I love that you used an orange background fabric on this quilt. It makes it so bright and cheery! If you get a minute, you should hop over and link this up to Needle and Thread Thursday too! It will be open through today!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

    1. I'm so glad you decided to link up your quilt at Needle and Thread Thursday! Thanks for sharing!

      :) Kelly

  2. Love it! The binding looks so great and the back is too cool. Congrats on another fab finish, or should I say lovely finish:)

  3. Really sunny and cheerful quilt!

  4. It looks really great! I really like the buckle effect and love the last shot of it shining in the sun.

  5. What great colors! The back looks almost as good as the front. Great decision.

  6. My favorite colors - nice design too!

  7. The quilt design really features the fabric so well, nice photo shoot too, congrats on the finish and all the linky parties.

  8. This is wonderful - great colours :)

  9. This is awesome! Love all your quilting on it!

  10. It's a great quilt, Amanda! Whoop whoop - especially for finishing it before the baby is born!!!

  11. This is so pretty! Love the fabrics and that picture on the stair railing!


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