Thursday, June 27, 2013

Quilt show in Shipshewana

Yesterday my mother-in-law, son, and I went to the quilt show in Shipshewana.  Here are some of my favorites.  (Watch out...the post is rather picture heavy.)  I like several of the tops, but I found myself noticing and taking pictures of quilting and borders a little more.  So I have several partial pictures.

 Crazy Compass, Meredith Yoder

 Wilderness Indian Village, Mary Lambright - I really liked the interlocking diamonds

Super Star, Marilyn Badger - I liked how the microstiple really brought out the design.

 Feathered Star, Meredith Yoder  - It reminds me of snowflakes.

 Florida Vacation, Doris Goins - Not only do I like the colors, but the quilting was really interesting too.
 Delft Garden, Gail Smith and Donna Derstadt - I really like the criss-cross border.

 Iron Will, Sandra Peterson & Lisa Burman - I like the circles around the stars.  Some of the squares are set on point.

 Patriots in Petticoats, Elaine Miller & Mike Barber - I like how the border looks like it is folded.

There were also several Farmer's Wife, Dear Jane, and Nearly Insane quilts in the special exhibition.  They were displayed on cars which was a fun medium, but annoying because you couldn't see the whole thing at once.
Miniature Bow Tie Quilt, Sandy Corbett & Ladies of Centenary Methodist Church

 Medallion Quilt, Vickie Davis - The people setting up the show tried really hard to match the quilt colors with the car.

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