Monday, August 10, 2015

A first zipper

A while ago Lisa at Hilltop Creative Works since me a thank you package for a half made pattern.  I know...I thought it was way over the top, since the pattern wasn't perfect by any means.  It included two zippers.  I had never used zippers before, so put them in my bin to be used at a later time.

Well, recently that time came!  My purse broke, and so I've been using a different set-up.  But I wanted a little pouch for gift cards.  I realized that I could make my own!

The outside was really easy to choose.  I love this fabric, more so that I normally love fabric.  This one keeps pulling me back.  I'm usually not a pink person but there is something about this pink that calls to me.  And the pink fabric with teal zipper looks great.

Then I found some scraps for the inside that matched the outside and the zipper.  Score!

So the zipper isn't put on perfectly and the bottom isn't completely straight, but it will function excellently as the simple little pouch that I needed.  I loosely followed instructions from Polka Dot Chicken


  1. great pouch. I love making these as they are so quick ( once you get the hang of them) and they make great presents


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