Friday, August 14, 2015

AQS Quilt show in Grand Rapids

I'm lucky enough to live near Grand Rapids, where the AQS quilt show was being held this week, so I got a babysitter for the day and took off.  I went by is actually a very nice way to go.  By happenstance I started at the Modern Quilts, and found myself spending quite some time looking at several of them.

I especially found myself looking at how they were quilted.  Partially trying to find inspiration, partially because I just found myself standing very close to the quilts.  I had to remind myself to backup several times.

And there were several quilts that I recognized!  I was even able to put a name with a blog/Instagram handle for two quilts and feel as though I finally put Instagram to good use.  (Yes, I finally got an Instagram account (@fabricengineer).  And while I'm in the minority, I don't love it and so don't use it very much.)  The blogs are ChristaQuilts and MeadowMist Designs.

I even went out of my comfort zone and introduced myself to Terri of Threadtales.  She was super nice.

I ended up spending more time at the show than I expected.  I probably needed about 15 more minutes to have made it through everything without rushing to get home to the babysitter, but really that is pretty good.  I bought a few things but not too much.  I didn't buy a new sewing machine.  It wouldn't have been an impulse purchase since I've thinking about it, but I haven't done enough homework and the price was too high to purchase without more thought.

A few last quilts to round out the show.  There were so many lovely quilts.  I did seem to have a different taste than most people there, but that's a bit expected.

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  1. Awesome. I wish I could have gone, but we were so busy that I wasn't able to make it! Glad you had such a great time. I hope they are coming back next year!

  2. Thanks for the vicarious viewing of the GR show! I too like to do a quilt show alone. That way I can pause where I want to and move on by when I want to. I saw Pikes Peak IRL at QuiltCon. I also like some of the others you selected.


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