Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beginning quilting

So, after a week, I managed to get the leaders made, put the sewing machine in place, take the sewing machine off a few times, get the speed control put on, and a few other random things that I've forgotten.  Yesterday I finally started sewing.

With several hiccups.  The machine was working fine when it was sitting on my desk, but it felt like I had problem after problem when it was on the frame (and hard to reach).  We (Gracie and I) did manage to get something real-looking sewn by the end of the day and it was working when I quit for the day, which is also a nice feeling.  I made a small pantograph to begin with.

Then today I continued on.  I still ran into a few problems, but not as many and they were getting faster to fix.  I did some FMQ (Free-motion quilting) at the end of the piece of cloth.  I probably should have been doing this first; it was easier to see when I was having problems.  I still seem to be having a bit of a problem when I'm going toward the upper-right...changing the tension and almost fixed it.  I ran out of room before I could completely fix it though.

Joining up with Melissa at TNT Thursday.


  1. Very cool! I want to try quilting, sometime...

  2. Wow, what a fun thing to play with! Eventually I will learn how to do this!

  3. Your off to a good start! Practice, practice, practice!

  4. Good FMQ - keep up the good work.

  5. Great quilting, I saw your newest pattern and it looks great.


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