Friday, July 13, 2012


My mending is done!  Hurray!!

Here is a mosaic of it all.  They aren't good pictures, nor is the sewing very good, but documenting it helped motivate me.

From left to right and top to bottom...
1) I removed a distracting label
2) I fixed a split seam
3) I sewed on a button
4) I fixed another split seam
5) I fixed yet another split seam
6) I reattached a belt loop
7) I fixed a shirt
8) I attempted to fix a tear in an old quilt...not pretty, but at least it shouldn't get worse.
9) I reattached strings to a piano seat cushion
10) I fixed the first quilt I made.  (Bad seam tolerances do haunt you.)
11) I added some darts to a skirt
12) I hemmed some pants
13) I made a car sun-shade
14) I fixed pillow cases that match the quilt in #10.

Phew.  Hopefully the pile will remain small for a while now.  Or that I can at least ignore it for a while again.


  1. Well done,I feel worn out just reading about that lot. Haha

  2. Well done. I hate that kind of sewing. When my kids were little I used to put the mending in a pile that just kept getting higher. I should have labeled it "to be outgrown" and stopped kidding myself.

  3. Good work! Seeing your's make me feel like maybe I ought to do mine... But I'm sure my husband would rather have more quilts than a wardrobe. ;)

  4. Did it take as long as you thought? I bet it didn't. :) I bet the 14 little accomplishments felt GREAT!

  5. Now I feel like I should go grab all my mending...but....and thats why it never gets done.

  6. I can quilt and sew for hours but hate mending anything. Even sewing on a button is upsetting! I do get it done but I'm very slow with it!!


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