Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I wanted to name this post "How to make sure the people that you're following can see your blog using Google Friend Connect" but that seemed too long.

I always try to look at the blog of any new follower.  But for many people, it isn't listed.  When I went to see if my blog was listed in my profile, it wasn't there so I don't think that it is a default setting.  So, since it is tutorial day, here's what you do...

1) Go to the page of someone that you follow and click on your picture.  Hopefully you'll see your blog listed under Links.  Otherwise it's pretty easy to get it there.

2) Go to the blogger dashboard.  (I find the easiest way is by clicking the B in the upper left of my blog, but I'm sure there are other ways too.)

3) Click on the little down arrow by your name on the top right.  (Click the image to enlarge and see the red circle.)

4) Click Blogger Profile

5) Click Edit Profile in the upper right.

6) Click Select blogs to display
7) Click the blog(s) that you want to show up and then click save.
8) You should be all set, but I'd recommend going back to a blog you're following and clicking on your picture again to make sure it showed up.

Plum and June


  1. aye I would say not linking your blog in your profile is almost as bad as being a no-reply blogger - Thanks for the tutorial(s)!

  2. I had no idea that my blog didn't show up in the pop up window! Thanks for the tutorial, hopefully we're all fixed now! :)

  3. In defense of the "no-reply blogger" I found this:


    Not everyone is on Blogger. I follow many Blogger bloggers, Amanda is one of them. (She's right next to crazymomquilts on my favorite bar!) I can't help that I'm a no-reply blogger because I'm on WordPress. I'm new to all this and Amanda has been very helpful.

    Oh, btw, Amanda, I changed my website, but I'm still linking up with you on the 15th!

    1. I didn't realize that google/wordpress didn't talk to each other. Or may I should say that google ignores what wordpress has to say.

      Anyway, is there another method that you think I should add for following? I saw someone one another blog request the ability to get them via email. What do you think of that idea? Does anyone else out there have some suggestions?

    2. But how do you know if you're no reply? And how do you fix it if you are?

  4. I am still very new to this. I don't know of another method used for following, but I think Google friend connect is the most popular, I see it on almost all the blogs.

    I follow all my blogs in two ways. Preferably, if I can get the RSS strait onto my Yahoo main page, I do that, but if I can't I put the blog onto my favorites bar. The problem with the second method, is there is no way for you to track that I am following you.

  5. I'm a very new blogger and I try to learn something new each day. I'm going to check on my link right away! Thanks for the info.


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