Sunday, July 1, 2012

June accomplishments, July goals

This month I didn't do as well on my top three goals, but I still got a lot done and have good reasons for not getting my top three done.

So let's review.  

1. Finish the shower curtain. This didn't get done because my LQS didn't get more fabric in that I need as expected.  I'm going to give it another month and then change the pattern if it isn't in.
2. Mend. This didn't get done either.  I only have one more item to finish up  and was planning on getting it done after my short vacation, only to find a quilter in the basement when I got home.  Understandably, the mending got ignored.

3. Finish piecing the coasters.  Finished!  They're going to be double-sided...I just need to figure out how to pair them.

4. Quilt the coasters - No progress.
5. Start a heart quilt.  - Started!  It took a lot of work to get the first block all made, but I think it is going to be really cool. 

6. Quilt the other baby quilt. No progress - hooray!  Now I have something that's ready to quilt on my new machine!
7. Come up with a design for the fabric I won. I'm still thinking.  It's amazing how many designs I'm thought about and tossed out.

Onward to July.  My top three should be pretty easy to hit.
1. Finish the mending.  (I really need to do this.)
2. Make leaders for the quilter.
3. Practice with the quilter.

And if I still have time...
4. work on the heart quilt
5. participate in the Tetris quilt-a-long
6. finish the coasters
7. start an I-spy quilt
8. quilt the baby quilt
9. come up with a design for the fabric I won
10. Make a pattern for the heart block

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  1. Love the coasters! Great colors and design.

  2. Wow! I would love to have a long arm, but no room : ) Your heart quilt will be wonderful!

  3. Uh, yeah your mending got ignored!!! Hello handsome!!! Enjoy your new toy!!

  4. So wonderful that you have a long arm and have the room for it as well! Good luck on your goals for July.

  5. I found your blog through K's Quilting Corner. Your pattern is lovely and the name is very clever.

  6. Congrats on the quilter! Remember the 1st rule to getting good at it is the 3P's - Practice, Practice, Practice. Just throw on some plain fabric and have a go at it. Don't expect it to be perfect right away. Doodling on paper helps a lot too when you can't be at the machine. Check out You Tube videos on longarming for ideas.

  7. My goodness what alot to accomplish! Have fun with that quilter and congrats! What a great surprise. Looks like a Baileys?

  8. Who could mend with that waiting for you? The heart block looks great!

  9. Loving your projects, those hearts are fab. I can only dream of having a long arm, so exciting!

  10. that heart block is so clever...
    I look forward to seeing your report for August! :)


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