Saturday, July 14, 2012

Behind the Seams - oldest fabric

Welcome to the very first  Behind the Seams!  (See the bottom of the post for more information on how this works.)


This month the linky party is a post about your oldest fabric.  Some details you may want to include are where you got it, what you've used it in (or why it is still sitting on the shelf), whether or not you even like it, etc.

Here are my two oldest fabrics.  I picked them up in a thrift store because I needed something to cover the cake table at my wedding. 
One of them is a dark purple...burlap?  I'm not very good with fabric types.  It is a very pretty color, but the weight and texture don't lend themselves well to matching any of my other fabrics.  The other one (no close up) is a grey-purple.  It is also not cotton and looks like it might have been used for clothing in the 80s.
But in the end I went to the local fabric store and got a light purple cloth to cover the table.  I like this color a lot, but I haven't found a place to use it.  (Except for that one little corner that I cut out...and I have no idea what I used that piece for.) 
 (Here it is in action.)

So...I guess that was more than just one piece of fabric, but they were all acquired around the same time and long before anything else that I have.

Next month we're featuring our ironing boards.  Such a boring piece of equipment, but still very important.  Besides a picture of your trusty ironing board, some things you may want to talk about are what it looks like, where you store it, if you've recovered it, and what you like and don't like about it.

edit: This was the first linky party and after the fact I'm changing how it is going to work.  The changes will be implemented Aug 15.

How this linky party about the topic of the month whenever you need an additional blog post.  I often find that I just work on the same thing for a long time and while I post a lot of progress pictures, there's only so much to say sometimes.  This topic is so that you can have sometime to post about that has nothing to do with what you're making.  Add a link to my blog in your post and link up!  I will be keeping the parties open for a year, but would recommend that you join within the first month.  Also, if you have posted about the topic in the past you are still welcome to link doesn't need to be a new post.  (Special note for July 15-Aug 15: feel free to post your ironing board post and then join the link up that will be posted August 15).

Thanks for joining me!  Please make sure to visit some other people that are partying along with us too!


  1. Thanks for the new linky party, Amanda! I wonder if that burlap fabric might make a nice tote bag? Like the reusable totes you'd use at the grocery store? Wouldn't have to be very fancy (ie, don't need to find any matching fabric) but might be practical?

  2. Can you explain how to link up my post?

    I like Kat's suggestion making reusable bags!

  3. Nevermind, just saw the button!

  4. Thanks for thinking of "Behind the Seams". I must be late to link up for the Oldest Fabric Link? I posted something - if you might be interested. See my post:

  5. thanks for sharing.


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