Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July accomplishments, August goals

Happy August!

Here was the list for July:
1. Finish the mending.  Done!  Hurray! 

2. Make leaders for the quilter.  Done!
3. Practice with the quilter.  Done!

And...I finished all of these within the first half of July.  Which meant I had plenty of time to work on some of the other things that I wanted to do.

4. work on the heart quilt. I am currently working on the red hearts, so 7/21 hearts are finished.
5. participate in the Tetris quilt-a-long.  I am staying up-to-date.  This has been a really fun QAL.  Here is my lastest block:

6. finish the coasters I found some batting that is the right size.  Does that count as progress?
7. start an I-spy quilt I started cutting out pieces for this.  I laid them out this morning to see how many more I needed.  (I wasn't looking for actual order, so I don't like the placement of most of them.)  And I already have too many...with lots of fabrics left to cut!  So I need to either 1) have fewer fabrics in the quilt, 2) add a border of novelty fabrics instead of a solid border or 3) make another maze on the back.

8. quilt the baby quilt  Done!  It doubled as quilting practice, so I was able to cross off two things with one item.

9. come up with a design for the fabric I won - still thinking
10. Make a pattern for the heart block - I think the templates are ready, but I want to put together one or two more first. Then add some instructions.

So my top three for next month:
1. Stay up-to-date with the Tetris blocks
2. Finish the coasters
3. Practice with the quilter.

And the other things on my list:
4. work on the heart quilt
5. work on the I-spy quilt
6. Come up with a design for the fabric I won
7. Make a pattern for the heart block
8. Quilt my MILs quilt.
9.  Shower curtian

My list is getting shorter!

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  1. busy busy busy by the looks of things

  2. Hi Amanda! Visiting you from the Small Blog Meet, Wow you got so much done this month. I have been dying to start with some sewing as my new (and first) sewing machine arrives in three weeks! yey! Will keep wondering around your blog for some nice quilting and sewing ideas! Nati x

  3. Yay! For getting the mending done. I look forward to seeing your Tetris quilt. You've been productive.

  4. I really like the baby quilt! The colors are just so fun!

  5. Lots of projects on your list. I love the baby quilt. A heart quilt sounds interesting.

  6. Hey, you're making great progress!! I've made small progress on my lists, but have been slowly ticking them off and it's feeling great!

  7. Good for you! Isn't it great to cross things off the list?!

  8. Great progress this month! Good job! I'm impressed you actually got your mending done. I haven't touched my pile in a long time! I really should make a specific goal to get it done.

  9. Wow, you have done a ton!! Your tetris block looks great!!

  10. Wow... have you been busy, or what?! Great idea to make a list. I bet you get more done that way.
    I don't know what the Tetris QAL is, but love your block!

  11. Looking forward to seeing all your Tetris blocks together. I think the black is going to be very striking.

  12. I so wish i had time for the tetris qal!!! I used to love that game!

  13. Good for you! Progress always makes us feel good, doesn't it?


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